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Water & Environmental Engineering

The graduate program in Water and Environmental Engineering at UNB provides education and research opportunities in a variety of areas related to water and environmental issues.

The following areas are particular strengths: hydrology; water supply; contaminant fate and transport in surface water, soil and groundwater; environmental hydraulics; water quality management; numerical modelling of groundwater and surface water quality; contaminated soils and aquatic sediments; biological and physico-chemical wastewater treatment; solid waste and hazardous waste management; and environmental engineering design.

Research topics

Some of the specific research topics being pursued include:

  • Physical and chemical processes related to the transport and fate of subsurface contaminants, especially reactive solutes
  • Finite-element and analytical modelling of groundwater flow and solute transport
  • Impact of nitrate and pesticides on groundwater quality
  • Surface water/groundwater interactions
  • Numerical modelling in environmental hydraulics
  • Lake and river hydrodynamics and water quality
  • Contaminated sediments
  • High-rate anaerobic bioreactors
  • Biofouling and biocorrosion
  • Biochemical oxygen demand forecasting systems
  • Centrifuge modeling of multiphase flow
  • Hydraulic conductivity of clay liners

Related courses

  • CE 6153 (3 ch) Environmental Geotechnics
  • CE 6155 (3 ch) Environmental Geotechnics II
  • CE 6413 (3 ch) Physical and Chemical Processes in Environmental Engineering
  • CE 6416 (3 ch) Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • CE 6423 (3 ch) Biological Processes in Environmental Engineering
  • CE 6443 (3 ch) Water Quality Modelling
  • CE 6451 (3 ch) Environmental Engineering Lab I
  • CE 6452 (3 ch) Environmental Engineering Lab II
  • CE 6463 (3 ch) Solid Waste Management Systems
  • CE 6483 (3 ch) Environmental Engineering
  • CE 6713 (3 ch) Advanced Hydraulics and Sediment Transport
  • CE 6763 (3 ch) Numerical Modelling of Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport
  • CE 6773 (3 ch) Contaminant Hydrogeology
  • CE 69XY (3 ch) Special Studies in Environmental Engineering

Complete list of Civil Engineering graduate courses

Other courses: TME 6003 (3 ch) Environmental Management

Note: Not all the above courses are offered in any one year. Courses related to Water and Environmental Engineering offered by other departments at UNB may be considered for graduate credit with the permission of the Director of Graduate Studies of the Department of Civil Engineering.