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Current graduate students

Graduate handbook

Many of the policies and procedures for graduate students are captured in the UNB CE Graduate Student Handbook.


Electronic Theses & Dissertations process

Electronic theses & dissertations (ETD) is an optional process that the University of New Brunswick provides to graduate students, enabling them to write, review, submit and deposit their theses and dissertations electronically. You can start at any stage of your thesis development.

The process

  1. Use the pre-formatted Microsoft Word templates
  2. Use UNB's File Drop app to send and receive files
  3. Convert final copies into PDF
  4. Submit final copies electronically

Benefits and goals

Some of the student benefits of the ETD program include:

  • The writing and review process is more efficient for you, allowing more focus on your content rather than spend countless hours of formatting documents
  • More academic exposure of your work
  • Immediate online presence

UNB Association of Civil Engineering Graduate Students

The ACEGS organizes various social and academic events during the year, which will give you the opportunity to meet up with other civil engineering graduate students and faculty. ACEGS executive are also present at civil departmental meetings and UNB Graduate Student Association meetings where we give input on grad student related issues.