Seminar Series

A predominant feature of our program is our weekly transportation seminar series offered during the Winter Term. The seminars provide a medium through which our students are exposed to current topics, issues, and problems within the transportation sector. Each week, a senior representative from the transportation industry (with public or private sector) presents his/her views on a specific issue. The students and other participants (an invitation is provided to a mailing list of over 200 individuals in the transportation industry) are then provided with an opportunity to debate and discuss the seminar subject with the presenter. A complete schedule of topics and presenters is available on this web site.

This seminar provides an opportunity for employers to meet prospective recruits and to become familiar with the program. In addition, it enables both the students and the faculty to keep up-to-date with current developments in the transportation industry. Attendance and participation in all seminars is mandatory. Students are expected to prepare for the discussion in advance by researching the topic to be discussed. In addition, each student is required to prepare a major term paper on an approved topic.

Speaker Schedule

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