The work of Human Rights and Equity is guided by several important policies.

The UNB Rights & Responsibilities Declaration is an aspirational declaration, by and for the UNB community, that speaks to the kind of positive learning and working environment we seek to have.

The Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Harassment Policy provides the community with information about how to address and resolve concerns related to discrimination, sexual harassment and harassment.

UNB is committed to providing a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment in which to study and work. Under the Chosen Name and Gender Identity Policy, students, faculty and staff have the ability to provide or change their name and gender without having to change their name legally or provide a reason for their request.

Additionally, the accompanying documentation previously requested to support a change of name or gender, will no longer be required in most circumstances. The policy supports students, faculty and staff, particularly trans and non-binary folks operating within the university, to use a chosen first name and/or middle name that is different from their legal name.


  • In 2020, consultation sessions were conducted regarding UNB’s Chosen Name & Gender Identity Policy. We received excellent feedback from the UNB community and we worked to incorporate your suggestions. As of February 2021, the policy successfully made its way through the internal UNB approval process.
  • A printable change of name and/or gender in-person request form is also available for requests that cannot be submitted online through Colleage Self Service.
    pdf | doc file (download only)
  • Note that different UNB systems take different amounts of time to update – for example, sometimes a requested change will be updated overnight, other systems may be more responsive and a change is seen in a few hours. Feel free to consult the chosen name data flow chart for more information or reach out to humanrights@unb.ca if you have questions.
  • Continue to check back for updates on the policy and its continued implementation.

Learn more about equity, diversity and inclusion at UNB, including tips and recommendations to help faculty, staff and students foster safer, more inclusive environments, such as pronoun usage, and upcoming educational workshops.