Education and Training

The Office of Human Rights and Positive Environment provides free workshops, educational programs and presentations to members of the University community on issues related to its work. We work with students and student groups, staff unions and associations, individual administrative and academic units, groups of leaders and managers, groups of instructors, and many more.

We are willing to work with members of the community to design such programs to suit their individual needs, in terms of subject matter, educational approach, location, time and date and duration of the session. We have done everything from a five-minute introduction to the work of the office or the major issues we cover to half-day and full-days sessions on specific issues, such as sexual harassment, employment equity, inclusive workplace or classroom, etc. We try as much as possible to work with campus partners with expertise in specific areas in creating and implementing these sessions.

Please contact the Office of Human Rights and Positive Environment to discuss your workshop or training needs today.