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Gender-neutral washroom locations

Gender-neutral washrooms are those devoid of any gender-specific signage or designation. They are designed to accommodate the needs of a greater range of people, as many individuals are not comfortable using male or female-gendered washrooms. They also exist to provide privacy to any individual who requires it, no matter their reasons. This list will be updated as gender-neutral washrooms are identified. If you are aware of a gender-neutral washroom that is not listed here, email indicating the building and room number.

  • Alumni Memorial | All washrooms are gender neutral
  • Bailey Hall | Staff bathroom on either side of B146
  • Bailey Hall | Staff bathroom in front of both first year lab doors
  • Carleton Hall | Third floor, beside room 307, wheelchair accessible
  • C.C. Jones Student Services Centre | Second floor, to the right of the main staircase (check in at front desk), wheelchair accessible
  • C.C. Jones Student Services Centre | Third floor, for Student Health Centre clients. Two bathrooms, one wheelchair accessible
  • Richard J. CURRIE CENTER | First floor, family locker room, wheelchair accessible
  • Richard J. CURRIE CENTER | Second floor, beside Multi-Purpose Room (2-26), wheelchair accessible, single stall
  • Richard J. CURRIE CENTER | Third floor, in hallway behind gym facility, wheelchair accessible, single stall
  • Harriet Irving Library | First floor, between gendered bathrooms, wheelchair accessible
  • Head Hall | First floor, in front of auditorium in entrance, room C-12B, wheelchair accessible
  • Keirstead Hall | Second floor, room 206-2, wheelchair accessible
  • Lady Beaverbrook Gym | Second floor, beside staircase on right. Co-ed washrooms, family locker room accessible on Saturdays
  • Faculty of Law Building | First floor, room 18, wheelchair accessible
  • Marshall D'Avray | None
  • McConnell Hall | None
  • McLaggen Hall | Room 151
  • Memorial Hall | All washrooms are gender neutral
  • Neville Homestead | All washrooms are gender neutral
  • New Forestry Building | Basement floor, room 012, wheelchair accessible
  • Old Forestry Building | 2 single-sex on first floor, wheelchair accessible
  • Old Forestry Building | Third floor, room 312, single stall
  • IUC | None
  • Renaissance College | All washrooms gender neutral, wheelchair accessible on first floor
  • Singer Hall | Single stalls on all 3 floors
  • Sir Howard Douglas Hall ('Old Arts Building') | Basement floor – west end – single gender neutral unit outside Women’s Washroom
  • Student Union Buillding | Second floor, close to the Student Union hallway and hair salon, wheelchair accessible
  • Student Union Buillding | The Cellar Pub & Grill washrooms
  • Tilley Hall | First floor, room 105, wheelchair accessible
  • Toole Hall | First floor, in front of room 19, wheelchair accessible
  • Toole Hall | Second floor, close to rear doors of TO3 and room 140, wheelchair accessible

  • Annex A and B | Rm. 13
  • Annex C | Rm. 102
  • Annex C | Rm. 103
  • Athletic Centre | Ground floor Rm. 04, wheelchair accessible
  • Ganong Hall | Rm. 128
  • Hazen Hall | First floor Rm. 113
  • Oland Hall | Rm. 134, to the left of the Registrar's window
  • Oland Hall | Rm. 135, to the left of the Registrar's window
  • Sir James Dunn Residence | First floor, Rm. A210
  • Thomas J Condon Centre | First floor, Rm. 117

Nursing building

  • across from the skills lab | second floor - multiple stalls
  • across from Rm. 216 | single washroom

Things to know

Equity work requires the full person, it is emotional, intentional and can sometimes make us uncomfortable.