Human Rights and Positive Environment

"The University of New Brunswick is committed to providing a positive learning and working environment, one in which all members of the community are respectful and respected as individuals. We strive to foster a welcoming and supportive community, where every person feels empowered to contribute".

University of New Brunswick Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities

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A positive working and learning environment comprises 5 elements:

  1. Respect for Human Rights
  2. Community Development and Recognition
  3. Ethical Relationships and Professional Conduct
  4. Empowering Individuals and
  5. Leadership

Summarized from the Final Report of the President's Task Force on Creating a Positive Learning and Working Environment

"The University is committed to creating and maintaining an environment for all of its students and employees that is free of objectionable and disrespectful conduct." University of New Brunswick Sexual Harassment Policy

Services Offered

  • Confidential consultations on Harassment, Discrimination and related issues
  • Explanations of related policies and procedures
  • Guidance through complaint processes
  • Awareness and education programs.