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Giving to UNB


Awards inspire students to come to UNB; they inspire them to stay. They recognize hard work and achievements and motivate students.

They make families proud and prospective employers take notice. Awards set an example to students, a tangible symbol of caring passed on unselfishly from you, the donor.

We wanted to highlight a few of our special awards that were created by outstanding supporters of UNB students. These awards not only support students during their studies, but throughout their whole lives.

Beaverbrook Scholars

The list of past Beaverbrook Scholars reads like a who’s who of Canada thanks to the legacy left by Lord Beaverbrook. Beaverbrook Scholars of the past may have received any one of several different types of scholarships established in Lord Beaverbrook's name at UNB, but they all share a common bond: they spent their formative years at UNB, and now they are committed to giving back in gratitude for the opportunities Lord Beaverbrook and the scholarships offered to them.

View more than 1,000 scholarships, bursaries and prizes administered by the University of New Brunswick. 

Currie Scholars

The Currie Scholarships were established by Dr. Richard J. Currie, one of Canada’s most accomplished businessmen and philanthropists. Dr. Currie, chancellor emeritus at UNB, is the University’s most generous living benefactor.

Being a Currie Scholar isn't just about receiving financial support toward your education. It's about having the opportunity to realize your dreams and potential - something many students might not be able to do without support. And it's also about building a network of young leaders.

Create an award

When you create an award, you have an opportunity to remember someone or ensure that your own family name is carried on in a lasting way at UNB.

You’re transforming individual lives, and in turn, you’re helping those individuals have a positive impact on entire communities.

View our guide to creating a new student award or contact us to find out how you can establish an award at UNB to suit your goals and provide students with the opportunity to succeed. You can also view awards established by donors like you in our Undergraduate Calendar

David and Wendy Betts explain why they are motivated to support UNB students and how they pay tribute to their mentors.