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The McKenna Institute

"This is the chance to do something truly breathtaking." - Frank McKenna

The McKenna Institute is an agile, passionate and entrepreneurial centre of excellence based at UNB. It is driving a broad, multifaceted agenda for digital transformation in New Brunswick.

In his decade as premier, Frank McKenna ushered in an era of economic, social and even emotional transformation for New Brunswick based on state-of-the-art technology, progressive programs and pride.

Spurred by the pandemic's digital acceleration, and the recognition that the work he'd begun as premier is far from over, Frank is advancing his boldest initiative yet. The McKenna Institute is an ambitious plan to expand upon his life's work of moving New Brunswick to a knowledge economy based on "bandwidth and brain-width". 

Transformation in action

The McKenna Institute embodies Frank’s dynamism, optimism and ambition, nurturing activities that will improve the quality of life for all New Brunswickers, from better health care and education to more jobs and increased digital literacy.

The McKenna Institute will be rooted in New Brunswick with a strong outward gaze, partnering with local communities and organizations while seeking digital best practices globally and exploring their viability here. It will be a locus of ideas and action, a venue for leading speakers and thinkers, including chairs and fellows, to devise technology-based solutions to our most pressing challenges.

Learn more or contact us to find out how you can be a part of these exciting new developments at UNB.