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Giving to UNB

Scholarships and bursaries


Give our students a great start

When you contribute to scholarships and bursaries, you’re opening doors for students, many of whom couldn’t be at university without your support. You’re helping to create the opportunity of a lifetime.

You’re also helping attract bright minds to UNB - students who build a culture of fresh thinking and leadership - while fostering the next generation of engaged and educated citizens. 

You can contribute to existing scholarships online now or through the method of your choice. 

It’s relatively easy to set up a new award at UNB and we’re here to assist you through the process. View our guide to creating new scholarships and bursariesYou can also view awards established by donors like you in our Undergraduate Calendar

To establish a named scholarship or bursary endowment, the minimum amount is $10,000, resulting in a $400 annual award for students in perpetuity. You might also find it helpful to know that a $25,000 endowment will establish a $1,000 annual scholarship.

Creating an award gives you the opportunity to remember someone or ensure that your own family name is carried on in a lasting way at UNB. Your gifts transform individual students’ lives and help them have a positive impact on entire communities. 

Please contact us to find out how you can establish an award at UNB to suit your goals and provide our students with the opportunity to succeed.