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Giving to UNB

Naming opportunities

Naming opportunities

Build a lasting legacy

Match your passions and dreams with the University of New Brunswick's plans for the future by making a named gift donation.

Create a legacy for yourself, a loved one, a colleague, your company or your organization.

A named gift donation is special. It requires a significant commitment and it provides significant rewards. By making a named gift you will be creating a long-lasting reminder of your commitment to the University for all to see and celebrate, now and in the future.

There are many naming opportunities to select from. Whatever option you choose, you will become an integral part of one of Canada's great public institutions.

Invest in students

Named Scholarships/Bursaries (suggested minimum of $25,000 endowment) or Named Prizes/Awards (suggested minimum of $12,500 endowment): Make a difference in the life of gifted and deserving students with a named academic award. You'll help the university attract top local, national and international students.

Named Annual Funds-Scholarships (minimum: $1,000) or Named Annual Funds-Prizes (minimum: $500): Named Annual Funds provide yearly support for a scholarship or prize. Donations will be distributed the same fiscal year the gift is provided. A multi-year commitment is required.

Invest in faculty

Named Departments, Centres & Institutes (minimum: $5 million endowment): Help an academic unit at UNB achieve a new level of excellence. Your gift will lead to new successes in research and teaching.

Named Chairs (Minimum: $2.5 million endowment): Named Professorships (minimum: $1 million endowment): Invest in exceptional scholars and researchers by creating an endowed chair or professorship. Help UNB attract and retain the best faculty.

Named Visiting Lecture Series (minimum: $100,000 endowment): Bring outstanding national and international scholars to the University to share their knowledge and experience.

Invest in places

New Buildings (minimum: $1 million): Create a living symbol of your commitment to excellence. Gifts begin at 30 per cent of the total cost of renovation or construction, or $1 million, whichever is greater.

Existing Buildings (minimum: variable): Help develop new teaching, research or student areas at the University. Gifts should have a significant impact on the programs resident in the existing building, or cover at least 50 per cent of renovations.

Other Architectural Features (minimum: variable): Make a unique gift to the University--a fountain, ornamental buildings, landscaping, trees, benches or other similar features. Gifts should cover the cost of the project and a maintenance fund.

Laboratories, Classrooms and Lounges (minimum: $50,000): Make a direct impact on research, teaching or student life by supporting a laboratory, classroom or student lounge.

Special opportunities: There are many other opportunities to help UNB. If you haven't seen one that appeals to you, then contact us. We'll listen to your ideas and try to make them a reality while working towards a stronger, more successful UNB.