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Giving to UNB

Trust & Endowment

Trust & Endowment

Thanks to the outstanding generosity of many donors like you, the University of New Brunswick's endowment fund is one of the largest in Canada.

University endowments play a tremendously important role in providing a measure of financial independence and in sustaining scholarships and bursaries, libraries, chairs and professorships, special lecture series and cultural events, and other activities critical to a rich educational experience.

UNB's endowment funds have come primarily from contributions and bequests from alumni and friends of the institution.

Why it pays to invest with UNB

We do our utmost to ensure our endowment is managed and invested to the greatest advantage of the institution.

The Investments Committee of the Board of Governors focuses on prudent investments, reasonable risk and dependable returns. Having a steady income stream for the activities supported by the endowment funds is a priority, and growth, to offset the impact of inflation, is also important.

Many UNB donors are themselves astute investors. Just as they choose their own investments and advisors with care, they want to be assured the money they invest in UNB is handled prudently and professionally.

Many checks and balances - from the diversity of investment managers to the external custodian to the various levels of oversight - ensure UNB's endowment and trust funds are properly managed.

UNB's endowment is a treasured resource. We value and respect the generations of thoughtful donors who have entrusted their gifts and legacies to us. To honour their intentions and ensure our students have the best education we can possibly provide, we take great pride in managing our money conscientiously and effectively.

Trust and Endowment Reports

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