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Giving to UNB

Opportunities Fund

The Opportunities Fund

For the area of greatest need

Your support for the Opportunities Fund allows the university to have flexibility to help students in ways that the regular operating fund is unable to accomplish.

The University, each campus and every faculty have established an Opportunities Fund which is administered by the President, Vice-President or Dean to support special projects, meet unforeseen needs, or enhance the teaching and learning environment.

Over the years the investment you and other alumni have made in UNB through the Opportunities Fund has directly influenced the quality of the education we are able to offer. Gifts from you, for example, help to buy books, assist students in presenting their award-winning papers at conferences, fund campus recreation and provide emergency support to struggling students.

All of these make the UNB student experience richer and more memorable as it should be for such a defining time in their lives.

Make a donation toward the Opportunities Fund today.