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Giving to UNB

Tax incentives

Tax incentives

Your donations to UNB qualify for credits on your tax return because the University is a registered charitable organization. After you donate, we will mail you an official receipt for income tax purposes. If you are married, either spouse can claim the donation regardless of whose name is on the gift receipt. Donations of publicly traded securities carry additional tax benefits because donors will not be taxed on the capital gains.

Charitable Registration Numbers:

  • Canadian No. 10816 2025 RR0001
  • United States No. 23-710-3810

Alumni and friends living in the United States

The University of New Brunswick is able to provide our alumni and former students in the United States with charitable donation receipts, recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), for the purposes of the US Income Taxes.

Under the United States – Canada Tax Agreement, the University of New Brunswick is a qualified Canadian charitable organization and is a registered charity with the IRS. UNB’s U.S. Registration EIN is: 23-7103810 and this number appears on receipts the University issues for charitable gifts.

Each donor’s circumstance is different and we encourage donors to speak with their advisor (tax, financial, or legal) to determine how they, or their estate, can benefit most through a charitable gift to UNB.