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Faculty of Science
UNB Fredericton

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Welcome to an exciting chapter in your life

As a thriving member of our community, UNB Science is your home away from home. 

We want to ignite your passion and help you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the future! Explore your options, test the waters and find out what makes you tick! 

The full student experience

We believe in a culture of balance between academia and social life so you can enjoy all that UNB has to offer!

First-year studies show students who are fully engaged thrive in the academic environment and maximize their potential for success. 

Endless possibilities with the Faculty of Science

When you leave UNB Science, you leave with your degree and a full student experience that you will never forget and that will stand out amongst your peers.

Who we are

The Faculty of Science houses five departments:

We also offer a multidisciplinary approach with over 25-degree options in Arts and Science or Computer Science and Science. 

Connections for workplace experience

Our co-op program gives you the opportunity to work in a professional environment, locally or abroad and to prepare you for today's job market. 

Our partners allow their workplaces to become an extension of your classrooms and labs. 

You will gain relevant knowledge and skills that you will bring back to your classroom and add to your portfolio and prepare you for your future endeavours.

Experts for your undergraduate research

We offer undergraduate research opportunities after your first year! We can help you make connections so you have the chance to participate in world-class hands-on research!

Preparation for professional schools

We offer pre-professional advising, mock multiple mini interviews (MMI), traditional panel interviews and application review. We offer a variety of programs to prepare you for your upcoming endeavours. Check out our Pre-Health Professional Stream in the Biology-Chemistry program.