Welcome to the Chemistry Department

The Department of Chemistry has enjoyed a long-standing commitment to high quality research, and has been awarded a number one research ranking at UNB for most of the past 30 years. UNB Chemistry also has a strong commitment to teaching at all levels. Its undergraduate chemistry programs are innovative and all accredited by the Canadian Society for Chemistry.


Chemistry is a science that is central to so many scientific areas that impact our daily lives. The modern study of fundamental chemical concepts and properties is paving the way toward the development of so many new technologies and products. New drugs promise to effectively treat diseases, new materials promise alternative ways of producing and storing energy, new spectroscopic methods promise to reveal the inner workings of molecules whether on earth or in deep space, new analytical methods promise to detect single cells even single molecules, new computational tools promise to accurately understand and model the molecular world. Nanotechnology has become a household name yet refers to the design of new materials including polymers, catalysts, sensors, and so many other products from the ground up, at the molecular scale. This is but a snapshot of what is the modern world of chemistry.

UNB Chemistry strives to be at the center of all this excitement. From its various research activities to its undergraduate and graduate education programs, UNB is committed to represent chemistry in the new millennium!