Rules and policies

Residence contract

Before you check-in to residence, you must sign the residence contract before you receive your keys. We encourage you to review and familiarize yourself with the terms of the contract before you arrive on campus.

Cancellation policy

Once you have signed the residence contract you are responsible for all residence and meal plan fees for the duration of the residence contract dates. If you choose to cancel your residence contract after the move-in date you will be subject to our applicable cancellation fee. For more information on our cancellation policy, please review section 1.13 of the residence contract.

The $800 residence application fee is not refundable for any reason, regardless of when you choose to cancel.

Damage to residence

Residents who damage university property must cover repair costs and in some cases pay a disciplinary fine. Damage that cannot be attributed to individual residents is charged to the respective House Committee. All damage fees must be paid through Financial Services

Damages should be reported as soon as possible to a member of the cleaning staff, RA or your residence life coordinator (RLC) to ensure that the residence facilities administrative assistant and the director, Finance and Operations can be advised. If the damage occurs after hours and requires immediate attention (e.g. broken pipes, wiring malfunction, etc.), it should be reported to UNB Security who will notify facilities management if necessary.

To appeal a damage charge, submit your appeal in writing to your RLC within ten days of receipt of the invoice. Your appeal should include all information known about the damage, including who might be responsible for it (if not you). The RLC or the Manager, Residence Administration, may levy additional disciplinary fines related to the damages.

Roommate handbook & contract

The roommate handbook covers topics that can sometimes cause conflict between roommates, including cleanliness, guests, study habits and more. The handbook also includes a sample roommate agreement that you and your roommate can complete together when you move in.

Early arrival policy

Residence is only able to offer early check-ins to students belonging to approved early arrival groups. Please review our approved early arrival categories for more information.