Checking out

Unless you've received an approved extension, you will need to leave residence 24 hours after your last exam.

Follow the procedure below to ensure a quick and easy check-out:

  • pack up your belongings
  • move belongings out of your room BEFORE returning keys
  • tidy your room, including sweeping and mopping
  • remove and put garbage in the house dumpster
  • ensure all residence property is left in your room (chair, garbage can, etc.)
  • check mailbox to ensure mail is not left behind
  • bring all keys to the Residence Life office. If closed, put your keys into the mail slot on the inner door of the office

The Residence Administration Building is located at 20 Bailey Drive. The hours are Monday to Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and closed on weekends.

Have questions about the check-out procedure? Reach out to a Residence Assistant (RA) in your house. 

Extending your stay

All students are expected to move out of residence within 24 hours after their last exam. Students with no final exams are expected to move out of residence within 24 hours of their final class. If you will need to remain on campus longer than 24 hours after your last exam you must submit an application for extension. Students will receive an email in the middle of each term with instruction on how to apply. 

Questions? contact us at

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