Rates and fees

Rates and fees vary depending the type of residence chosen.

Please review our detailed information on residence rates and fees, including residence cost breakdowns and meal plan options, to help you decide which option is right for you.

Payment options

Students applying to residence (excluding Magee House) must pay a $800 (non-refundable) residence application fee, by credit card, at the time they submit their application.

  • If you do not have access to a credit card, please email UNBresidenceapp@unb.ca for options
  • Payments received by UNB can be viewed through the tuition and fees statement available in my unb

All remaining residence and dining fees must be paid by UNB's undergraduate fee deadline.

Dining plans

If you live in one of our traditional-style residences (all buildings excluding Elizabeth Parr-Johnston and Magee House), a meal plan is required. Review our dining plan information for additional details. 

You will receive your dining cash in one sum at the beginning of the academic year (fall semester). Any unused balance as of April 2024 is forfeited.

If you are only staying in residence for one semester, you will receive half of the amount of dining cash. Any unused balance will expire at the end of that semester. 

 Please see the residence contract for more information on residence fees. 

Service Fees

Early residence arrival or extended (late) stay room fee: $35/day (for any day that falls outside of the Residence Fall and Winter Term Contract. Early Arrival is not available for the Winter semester. 

Early residence meal plan fee: $36/day (meal plans are mandatory for students staying in traditional buildings).