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How to apply to master's programs

Follow these steps to submit your application:

Please note only one application per person will be accepted. Duplicate applications to other Faculty of Education degree programs or MEd concentrations will be withdrawn.

Application deadlines

  • December 1 for a start date in Summer (May - August) or Fall term (September - December) for these MEd programs: Admin/Leadership, Adult Education, Critical Studies, Curriculum, Exceptional Learners, and Counselling
  • July 31 for a start date in Winter term (January - April), for these MEd programs: Admin/Leadership, Adult Education, Critical Studies, and Curriculum
  • December 1 for the PhD program for a start date in September.

**All documentation, including references and unofficial transcripts (including grade scale), must be submitted by the deadline date. Late applications may be considered for the next available start date, at the discretion of the Associate Dean**

Due to the large number of applications for the MEd programs, it will be at least three months from the application deadline date before you receive any confirmation on the outcome of your application. Applications cannot be reviewed until all documentation is received.

Statement of purpose

All applicants to any program must submit a statement with their application outlining:

  • professional development goals
  • specific ways in which graduate study can help them fulfil these goals

Click here for more information about the statement of purpose.


Three references are required.

  • Your three references should provide different perspectives on your relevant qualities.
  • One referee should comment on your relevant professional experience and at least one should comment specifically on your recent academic performance.
  • If you have not taken a course in over 10 years, an academic reference may not be necessary, though it is worth the effort to find a former professor or instructor who can comment on academic performance. If you cannot find an academic reference, it is recommended to find someone who can comment on things that are similar to academic work (writing reports, contributing to discussion, etc.).
  • References from friends or relatives are given less weight.
  • Tell your referees what experiences you want them to comment on (academic, professional, etc.).
  • It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure all references are submitted by no later than the application deadline. 

Transfer credit requests

The School of Graduate Studies may grant transfer credit for work completed elsewhere when relevant in part to facilitate completion of their program.

When applying, make sure to request any advanced credit on the application form (this includes courses taken at UNB as "no degree").

Transfer credit requests must be submitted during the student's first term of their program. Requests submitted after that time will not be reviewed.

Candidates for the MEd program are granted, normally, no more than six credit hours of advanced/transfer credit towards completion of their degree. If the transfer credits are coming from an institution other than UNB, official transcripts must be provided. Transfer credits will not be granted for courses used toward another degree or certificate.

All such requests are subject to the approval of the associate dean of graduate programs and subsequently by the dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

Prior approval is needed if pursuing courses at another university while in the MEd program.

Applicants whose first language is not English

If your first language is not English, you must submit your results in a test of English as a foreign language.

The following minimum proficiency levels are accepted by the Faculty of Education for each type of test:

  • TOEFL 650 (280 computer-based)
  • IBT minimum score of 92
  • TWE minimum score of 5.5
  • IELTS minimum score of 7 in each category (reading, listening, writing and speaking)
  • MELAB minimum score of 85
  • CanTest minimum score of 4.5 in each category (reading, listening, writing and speaking)
  • Pearson Test of English (Academic) minimum score of 70

Financial support

The Faculty of Education is able to provide some financial support only for full-time, research-based applicants.

Decisions regarding financial support are made in the summer for support beginning in September.

Applicants applying for research-based programs (PhD, or thesis-based M.Ed) should also consider applying for SSHRC Awards. The deadline is December 1, and therefore, it is necessary to apply for this prestigious funding in advance of learning your admissions decision. 

Course load

Master of Education programs are open to both full-time and part-time students.

  • A full-time student may not carry more than four courses (12 credit hours) during each of the three academic terms (fall, winter and summer).
  • A part-time student may not carry more than two courses (6 credit hours) during each of the three academic terms (fall, winter and summer). Any student who takes more than two courses per term will be considered a full-time student and assessed full-time fees.

Although students must be admitted to the MEd prior to taking graduate courses, exceptions, at the discretion of the associate dean's office, may include:

  • students requiring only a few courses for certification purposes
  • students in another program who want to take a course(s) from the Faculty of Education