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Master's & PhD Tuition & Fees (Canadian & International Students)

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Full-Time Part-Time
Research-Based Program Research-Based Program
Research-Based Program (Continuing) Research-Based Program (Continuing)
Course-Based Program Research-Based Visiting
MBA and C-CGM Programs Course-Based Program
Qualifying MBA and C-CGM Programs
MTME Qualifying
MQIM Work Term

  • Online Course fee - A non-refundable supplemental fee of $100.00 is applied on a per course basis to all online course to subsidize special technology and infrastructure support costs to administer the course.
  • Fee payment deadlines are listed in the academic calendar.  If tuition is not paid by the due date, a $75.00 late payment fee will be charged.
  • For inquiries on graduate fees or tuition, e-mail Graduate Fees


Research-Based graduate programs involve a thesis or dissertation component
Course-Based graduate programs involve coursework only
Continuing graduate students are those who have completed a requisite number of terms in their degree program (6 full-time terms for a Master's program and 9 full-time terms for a PhD program) but whose studies are still in progress