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Faculty of Education
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Master of Education

One of Canada's most respected MEd programs

We offer the largest, most well-established Education graduate program in New Brunswick. Our program’s flexibility and six areas of concentration attract and accommodate education professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

A reputation for graduating the very best

Many of our students are currently teachers in the province who generally do the program part-time.

You'll find a wide-range of people studying either in class, online or by teleconference.

We strive for excellence and convenience.

Apply now to earn the MEd that can take you further & faster.

Areas of concentration

The MEd may be concentrated in six areas:

With the exception of Counselling and special cohorts, most MEd courses will be delivered online. Note that distance technology courses are completed through Microsoft Teams or Zoom where students are required to be available the specific time and day outlined on the UNB course catalogue.

Program options

Choose from one of three options: course work, project with report or thesis.

Course option

Students who choose to complete their Master of Education program course-route take 10 courses, following regulations set out in each program’s planning guide and in consultation with an advisor. See our course listings.

The course requirements stated for each program area are minimum requirements. Additional courses may be required depending upon a student's academic background in a particular area and his or her research interests.

Students seeking a higher level of teacher certification are advised to consult the teacher certification division of the province in which they plan to teach regarding those specific requirements.

Project with report option

This option is intended to fulfil the requirement for a significant and independent piece of scholarship.

Students following the project with report route must complete a minimum of eight courses and successfully complete and defend a project, working under the supervision of a faculty member.

Thesis option

The MEd degree by thesis is recommended for those who intend to pursue advanced research or further studies.

Applicants who hope to go on to doctoral studies are strongly advised to choose the MEd by thesis option.

Students following the thesis route must:

  • complete a minimum of five term courses (only one course may be at the advanced undergraduate level)
  • successfully write and defend a thesis (equivalent to 15 credit hours at the 6000 level)

The thesis requires the student to complete a substantive and independent research project under the supervision of a faculty member.