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Leading New Brunswick in social research

Faculty within the Department of Sociology concentrate on studying social structures, social relationships and social change. We use a wide range of qualitative and quantitative strategies to explore new avenues for productive research and teaching.

Our shared pillars of research strength include:

  • family and domestic violence
  • health, healthcare and health policy
  • population studies
  • law, criminalization and security
  • multimedia and communication.

We also have affiliations with many research institutes at UNB including:

Each of these research areas and relationships offers rich prospects for our graduate and undergraduate students to the new opportunities of tomorrow.

Faculty research

The areas of research specialization for our faculty members and research associates will give you a better sense of the range of topics on which we can most effectively supervise your research work ― be it for an undergraduate honours thesis, a master’s thesis, or a doctoral dissertation.

Andrea Bombak: Qualitative health research; gender and self-perceptions of health; health services and weight stigma; critical public health policy.

Tia Dafnos: Policing, security and pacification; racialization and colonialism; resistance, protest and social movements.

Carmen Gill: The family; social policy; third sector studies; violence against women.

Neeru Gupta: Population health; applied quantitative health systems and policy research; epidemiology of chronic disease and injury; social determinants of health; health inequalities.

Nick Hardy: Sociological theory (contemporary and classical); nuclear energy; environmental change.

David Hofmann: Terrorism and political violence; radicalization towards violence; charismatic authority; leadership; criminal and illicit networks; right-wing extremism & political activism; cults & new religious movements; mixed methods; social network analysis.

Catherine Holtmann: Sociology of religion; gender; immigrants; domestic/intimate partner violence; mixed methods research; visual sociology.

Jacqueline Low: Health, health care and health policy; alternative and complementary therapy; chronic illness and disability; deviance and stigma management; sociology of the body; home care and home support; qualitative research methods; symbolic interactionist theory.

Luc Thériault: Social policy and third sector studies; healthcare policy; social economy organizations involved in the delivery of human services, including co-operatives.

Lucia Tramonte: Quantitative analysis; socio-economic segregation; family resources; physical & mental health; children’s outcomes; anxiety and depression; comparative education; school achievement; longitudinal data; cross-sectional data; multilevel modelling.

Research collaborations

Prospective graduate students may also have adjunct professors, honorary research associates, or faculty at the UNB Saint John campus to serve as supervisor or co-supervisors for their research-based degree programs.

Adjunct professors

  • Dale Ballucci: Western University ― Administration of criminal justice; legal regulations of children and youth; sociology of law.
  • Daniel Dutton: Dalhousie Medicine (Saint John)
  • Michael Haan: Western University ― Demography; immigrant settlement; labour market integration; data development.
  • Deborah Harrison: UNB Fredericton ― Feminist theory and symbolic interactionist theory; military families; qualitative research methods.
  • Baujke Miedema: UNB Fredericton
  • Susan O'Donnell: UNB Fredericton ― Digital communications; the electronic public sphere; democratic citizen and social movements in the information society.
  • Andrew Reddick: UNB Fredericton ― Media and communications.

Honorary research associates

  • Olabisi Akinkugbe: Dalhousie University
  • Kristi Allain: St. Thomas University ― Gender and Canadian identity
  • Kathryn Asher
  • Gulhanim Caliskan: St. Thomas University ― Global sociology
  • Dan L Crouse: UNB Research Associate
  • Erin Fredericks: St. Thomas University ― Transgender
  • Gayle MacDonald: Mount St. Vincent University ― Stigmatizing implications of the deviant designation.
  • Stephen McMullin: Acadia Divinity College ― Sociology of religion; domestic violence; social change
  • Mary Milliken
  • William Randall: St. Thomas University ― Gerontology
  • Amanda Slaunwhite: University of Alaska ― Time and space variations in mental health-related hospitalizations among youth; impact of hospital closures on healthcare access.
  • Deborah van den Hoonaard: St. Thomas University