Neeru Gupta




Tilley Hall 16

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Dr. Neeru Gupta joined the UNB faculty in November 2016. She holds the position of Professor in the Department of Sociology. She was recognized by UNB as a 2021-2023 University Research Scholar.

Dr. Gupta completed doctoral studies in demography from Université de Montréal in 2000. Prior to coming to UNB, she worked in supporting data-driven decisions for population health at the New Brunswick Department of Health, the World Health Organization (Geneva, Switzerland), and ORC Macro International (Washington, USA).

At UNB, Dr. Gupta continues to conduct population health and health services research, and teaches courses in various areas including health care, population studies and social statistics. She is also an adjunct professor with Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick, an associate scientist with the Maritime Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research, a co-investigator with Diabetes Action Canada, a contributor to the Canadian Health Workforce Network, and an editorial board member for the international journal Human Resources for Health.

Research interests

My research interests are grounded in accelerating gender and social equity toward achieving the Quadruple Aim for healthcare improvement: healthy populations, enhanced patient experience, sustainable healthcare investments and improved work life of providers. This framework for optimizing health systems performance has been adopted by health organizations across Canada and around the world.

My research projects prioritize the use of population-based survey and administrative data from official sources, given the evidence that such sources are more often found to be useful to public policy makers. I am currently working with large-scale provincial and national data sets housed in the secure computing facilities of the New Brunswick Institute for Research, Data and Training (NB-IRDT) and the New Brunswick Research Data Centre (NB-RDC), both located on the UNB Fredericton campus.

Selected publications

Gupta N, Balcom SA, Singh P. (2023). Looking beyond parity: Gender wage gaps and the leadership labyrinth in the Canadian healthcare management workforce. Healthcare Management Forum, 36(1), 49-54.

Gupta N, Crouse DL, Miah P, Takaro T. (2022). The role of neighbourhood environments in hospitalization risk for diabetes and related conditions: a population-based cohort analysis by remoteness and deprivation indices. Health Reports, 33(12), 1-13.

Gupta N, Balcom SA, Gulliver A, Witherspoon RL. (2021). Health workforce surge capacity during the COVID‐19 pandemic and other global respiratory disease outbreaks: a systematic review of health system requirements and responses. International Journal of Health Planning and Management, 36(S1), 26-41.

Gupta N, Bombak A, Foroughi I, Riediger N. (2020). Discrimination in the healthcare system among higher-weight adults: evidence from a Canadian national cross-sectional survey. Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada, 40(11/12), 329-335.

Gupta N, Sheng Z. (2020). Disparities in the hospital cost of cardiometabolic diseases among lesbian, gay, and bisexual Canadians: a population-based cohort study using linked data. Canadian Journal of Public Health, 111(3), 417-425.

Quinn N, Gupta N. (2020). Income inequalities in the risk of potentially avoidable hospitalisation and readmission for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a population data linkage analysis. International Journal of Population Data Science, 5(1:35), 1-8.

Gupta N, Lavallée R, Ayles J. (2019). Gendered effects of pay for performance among family physicians for chronic disease care: an economic evaluation in a context of universal health coverage. Human Resources for Health, 17(40): 1-9.

Gupta N. (2017). Charting the progression of diabetes mellitus in New Brunswick: rates, correlates, and implications for accountability in public policy. Journal of New Brunswick Studies, 8(1):69-86.

Gupta N, Castillo-Laborde C, Landry MD. (2011). Health-related rehabilitation services: assessing the global supply of and need for human resources. BMC Health Services Research, 11(276):1-11.

Supervision areas

  • Population aging and societal change
  • Health systems and policy research
  • Social determinants of health
  • Social epidemiology of diabetes and associated conditions
  • Health workforce for health equity