Nathan Kalman-Lamb

Assistant Professor


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Nathan Kalman-Lamb joined the Department of Sociology at UNB as an Assistant Professor in 2022. Previously, he worked as a Lecturing Fellow in the Thompson Writing Program at Duke University for six years after receiving his doctorate in Social and Political Thought from York University in 2016.

In addition to the research cited below, Nathan is the co-host of The End of Sport podcast and a frequent contributor to The Guardian, The Chronicle of Higher Education, TIME, Los Angeles Times, Jacobin, and other public venues.

Research interests

Nathan's scholarly work sits at the intersection of social theory and the sociology of sport, with a particular focus on labor, racism, and exploitation. His most recent book Game Misconduct: Injury, Fandom, and the Business of Sport, based on qualitative interviews with former professional hockey players and fans of the sport, uses Marxist-Feminist social reproduction theory to explore how the political economy of sports like hockey is predicated on an affective transfer from athletic workers to fans through the physical sacrifice that is fundamental to these 'games.'

His current research focuses on the world of US college football. Alongside collaborator Derek Silva, he is exploring through qualitative interviews with former US college football players how their experiences in the sport were saturated with harm, coercion, and exploitation. This project, the foundation of a book contracted with UNC Press entitled The End of College Football: Exploitation in the Ivory Tower and on the Gridiron, examines the ways in which physical harm, coaching abuse, economic extraction, racialized plantation dynamics, and a desiccated academic experience make US college football one of the most exploitative sites in US society today. This project finds its theoretical inspiration in an intersection between racial capitalism theory and Marxist-Feminist social reproduction theory.


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Academic journals

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Book chapters

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Recent public scholarship

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Supervision areas

  • Classical and contemporary social theory
  • Marxisms
  • Racial capitalism
  • Sociology of sport
  • Labor of sport
  • Postcolonial/anti-racist critique of multiculturalism
  • Social reproduction

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