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French undergraduate programs

Version française

Courses in language acquisition at all levels

Honours and majors  |  Minor

Advanced-level courses are offered in language, linguistics and literature. All courses are conducted in French.

If courses have zero as a second digit, they form a basic program in language acquisition by proceeding in complementary pairs (1034/1044, 2034/2054, 3034/3054, 4034/4054).

We put the emphasis on different aspects of language learning such as oral or written communication.

Each pair of courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher before beginning the next level.

A different sequence is followed by graduates of immersion programmes and by francophones.

For more information, contact undergraduate advisor Dr. Patrick Bergeron.

Placement requirements


Honours and majors

All candidates for an honours in French must:

  • submit a letter requesting admission to the program to Dr. Chantal Richard, chair of the French Department
  • indicate to the registrar that they are registered to honour in French

All candidates for a major must:

  • meet Dr. Patrick Bergeron, director of the honours and majors program
  • indicate to the registrar that they are registered to major in French

Other academic notes:

  • FR3404 is the prerequisite to all linguistic courses
  • francophone students may not take FR3034 and 4034
  • immersion graduates may not take FR3034
  • we recommend to take FR3054 and 4054 in your fourth year

For more information, contact the undergraduate advisor Dr. Patrick Bergeron.

Honours and majors requirements



Students who wish to do a minor in French must:

  • complete 24 credit hours in French with a minimum of 12 credit hours at the upper level
  • obtain a minimum grade of “ C ” in all courses

The program to be followed will depend on the background of the student.

Minor requirements