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See the UNB timetable to see what is currently offered for the fall, winter and summer terms.

Course descriptions

Advanced level courses

In order to register for any advanced-level course you must be able to demonstrate an equivalent or superior-level of knowledge in French than what you would normally obtain by successfully completing FR 2054 (C or higher).

We offer three kinds of advanced courses:

  • Language acquisition (second digit 0),
  • Specialized courses in linguistics
  • Specialized courses in literature

There are three kinds of literature classes:

  • courses offering a variety of critical approaches, not limited to France or Canada
  • term-courses in various periods of French European literature
  • term-courses in aspects of French Canadian literature (second digit 8)

Check the timetable to see which courses are being offered in the current session. Fuller descriptions of the courses are available from the departmental office.

Students honouring or majoring in French are required to choose a number of specialized courses.

Students honouring or majoring in another discipline who wish to continue the study of French may take any advance-level French course, provided they have the necessary language background or pre-requisite coursework.

Classes in linguistics and literature

Learn more about our classes our classes in these fields as well as l'importance de la linguistique et de la littérature. This content is only available in French.