Department of French

General Office: Tilley Hall, Room 231
Mailing Address: Department of French
University of New Brunswick
P.O. Box 4400, Fredericton, N.B. 
Canada, E3B 5A3 
Phone: (506) 453-4651
Website: //
Chair: Dr. Chantal Richard


  • Bergeron, Patrick, BA, MA (Laval), PhD (Laval-Montpellier), Prof - 2016
  • Horne, Christine, BA (Sainte-Anne), MA, PhD (Dal), Assoc Prof - 1999
  • Falangola, Chiara, BA, MA (Université de Rome 'La Sapienza'), PhD (UBC), Asst Prof - 2023
  • Richard, Chantal, BA (UNB), MA, PhD (Moncton), Prof - 2019
  • Viau, Robert, BA, MA, PhD (Ott), Prof - 1993

General Information


The Department of French offers a broad range of language classes to accomodate as many students as possible. It is therefore imperative that students consult the Department before registering for a French course for the first time at UNB. To begin the process, students should contact the departmental secretary in Tilley Hall, room 231 (email:

Language courses are offered at all levels. Advanced-level courses are offered in language, Linguisitics and Literature. In keeping with traditional practice, the Department of French recognizes that an undergraduate program in French studies must include aspects of literary, culture, and linguistic enquiry. Students may find that courses describes as primarily "language" courses include some or all elements. Classes are normally taught in French.

The Department of French cannot guarantee a place in a course until this consultation has taken place. The Department reserves the right to remove from the class lists or wait lists any students who have not consulted the Department or who miss three consective class hours within the first two weeks of classes.

Introductory Courses

1000-and 2000-level language courses are offered in complementary pairs so that students can take French throughout a full academic year (two consecutive terms); it is recommended that students do so whenever possible. The Department of French believes that taking a French course that is below a student's ability is not a productive use of the student's time and that it constitutes academic dishonesty.

  • FR 1014, followed by FR 1015;
  • For students who have not previously studied French or who have not completed Grade 12 (Core) French.
  • FR 1034, Followed by FR 1044;
  • For students who have completed Grade 12 (Core) French.

The following course combinations are recommended depending on the student's background;

  • FR 1014, followed by FR 1015; for students who have not previously studied French or have not completed Grade 12 (Core) French.
  • FR 1034, followed by FR 1044; for students who have completed Grade 12 (Core) French.
  • FR 1124, followed by FR 2154, FR 2164, FR 2174, or FR 2184.
  • For Francophone, students and for students who were educated in French. Where FR 1124 is not offered, students will take FR 2154.
  • FR 1184, followed by FR 1194;
  • Primarily for students who have graduated from a French immersion program.
  • FR 2034, follwed by FR 2054;
  • For students have have completed FR 1044 and for students whose background (some immersion, a period of time since their last French course, etc) renders them too advanced for FR 1034 but who are not yet ready for FR 1184.

Please note: Students who have successfully completed a language course cannot subsequently receive credit for a course that occurs earlier in the sequence ; e.g. students who have passed FR 1184 cannot take FR 1034 or FR 1015 for credit.

External Credit

Students may elect to take language courses off campus, e.g., in summer French immersion programs. These courses can be counted for UNB credit if the Department judges that sufficient progress has been made to merit credit equivalent to a course offered by the UNB French Department. The student is responsible for providing a detailed description of the course and any other information the Department may requrie to assess it. It is required that students may apply for the Department's approval before taking a French course off campus for for which they hope to recieve UNB credit.

Normally a maximum of 9 credit hours of transfer credits at the advanced level will be counted towards the Major or Honours Programs.

Upper Level Courses (first digits 3 or 4)

The Department offers upper level courses in three areas: Language (second digit 0), Linguistics (second digit 2,3, or 4), and Literature (second digit 5, 6, or 8).

Students working towards a Major or Honours degree in French are required to choose a number of specialized courses in Linguistics and in Literature. Students working towards a Major or Honours in another discipline who wish to continue the study of French may take any advanced-level French course, provided they have the necessary competence.


FR 3404 "Introduction to Linguistics" is a prerequisite or co-requisite for all Linguistics courses. 


Literature courses are of three kinds: 

  1. courses offering a variety of critical approaches, not limited to France, or Canada (second digit 5);
    b. term courses on various periods of French European Literature (second digit 6);
    c. term courses on aspects of French Canadian Literature (second digit 8). 

Students are advised to check the timetable to see which courses are offered in the current session. 


All Single and Double Major students must complete the required number of credit hours in upper level courses in French with a grade of C or better in each course.  

Single Major: 36 credit hours  

Double Major: 30 credit hours 

Required Courses: 

  • A minimum of one upper level Literature courses  


All Single and Joint Honours students must complete the required number of credit hours in upper level courses in French with an average grade of B or better. 

Single Honours: 42 credit hours 

Joint Honours: 30 credit hours 

Required Courses: 

Honours students may choose between the courses-based option and the Honours Report Option. 

Minor in French

Students must complete 24 credit hours in French including a minimum of 12 credit hours at the upper level. The upper level courses will include a minimum of 3 credit hours in either Literature or Lingusitics. A grade of "C" or better is required in each course.