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Minor in film studies

The minor in film studies is an interdepartmental program offered by the Faculty of Arts at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton.

Admission to the minor in film studies is open to students from any faculty who have completed 30 ch towards a degree. Students should contact the academic advisor for the minor in film studies for program approval and advising. Students are encouraged to begin the minor in the second year of their program.

Program of study

The minor consists of 24 credit hours, approved by the advisor. Of these 24 ch, 2022 The Art of Film, 2909 International Film History, and 3903 Film Theory are required, and at least 12 ch must be at the upper level.

Students must take approved courses from at least three different disciplines, including ENGL, FILM, FR, HIST, MAAC and CCS.

Courses will be selected from the following list. Additional courses may be counted towards the minor subject with the approval of the advisor.

Course options









Media Arts and Cultures