FILM3998Film Production (Cross-Listed: MAAC 3998)3 ch (3C/WS) (LE)

This course introduces students to the processes and technical aspects of motion picture film production. Topics include: 16mm film camera, analog and digital sound recording, lighting for film, film crew roles, budgets, casting and rehearsals, locations, script breakdowns and film forms, and advanced editing. Students will participate in both the production of a short, small-group 16mm film project, and a larger, full-class Super 16mm film project produced as an industry-model film. Taught cooperatively with the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-Op and the Film Industry of New Brunswick. Limited to 20 students. NOTE: Students who already have credit for ENGL 3990 “Advanced Film Production” and/or ENGL 3999 “Film and Video Production” cannot obtain credit for FILM 3998.