Comparative Cultural Studies

CCS3455Latin American Cinema (O) 3 ch (3C)

This course will provide students with a background in Latin American cinema, emphasizing the most productive centres such as Mexico (Paul Leduc, María Novaro, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Guillermo Del Toro), Cuba (Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, Sara Gómez, Fernando Pérez), Brazil (Walter Salles, Hector Babenco) and Argentina (María Luisa Bemberg, Fernando Solanas, Eliseo Subiela, Lucrecia Martel). Equal emphasis will be placed both on cinematographic and thematic analysis of the cinema, and, when appropriate, cultural and historic context will be provided. Films will be screened previous to class (most often with subtitles) and will be analyzed and discussed in class. The course will be offered in English and is open to students who have successfully completed at least 30 credit hours at university level. Students taking this course to fulfill a Major or Honours requirement in Spanish will submit required work in Spanish. Students who have taken WLCS 3455, or SPAN 3455 may not attain credit for CCS 3455.