Comparative Cultural Studies

CCS3072Contemporary German Cinema and Media (O) (Cross-Listed: FILM 3072, MAAC 3072) 3 ch (3C) (W) (EL)

This course covers recent German cinema and media with a focus on acclaimed productions by new directors for film, television, and streaming platforms. The creative work of women directors, and themes of gender, subjectivity, and intimacy are especially highlighted. Other topics include: The Berlin School and its visual and narrative style, the continued preoccupation of filmmakers with the nation’s past, comedy and satire in Germany, and the influence of the 1970s (the feminist film movement, the New German Cinema, etc.) on the new generation. 

Prerequisites: Open to students who have completed at least 30 ch of university courses or by permission of the instructor. NOTE: Students can obtain credit for only one of GER 3072, WLCS 3072, CCS 3072, CCS 3074, FILM 3072, and MAAC 3072.