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Faculty of Arts
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Bachelor of Arts

Prepare for a complex, changing world with a degree that gives you the skills and hands-on experience to build a successful career. 

Our Bachelor of Arts graduates know how to make a difference in their world. Our unique programs bridge fields of study and push the boundaries of traditional arts degrees. Get practical, hands-on experience that links classroom learning to the world beyond through community engagement in Saint John.

We’ll encourage you to think critically and creatively while developing the research, analytical and communication skills you need to succeed.

Experiential learning, entrepreneurial thinking

Students get practical, hands-on experience that links their classroom learning to the world beyond. We’re more than just a part of Saint John — our university’s integration with the community gives students unique opportunities they wouldn’t receive anywhere else.

  • Students in our BA co-op program earn useful career experience with three paid work terms.
  • Our Criminal Justice minor places students in community correctional settings such as the Parrtown Parole Office, the Elizabeth Fry Society and the New Brunswick Department of Public Safety.
  • The Communication Studies major includes self-directed creative projects and media production as part of the curriculum. Student volunteers are found at our campus radio and newspaper, and local arts organizations.
  • English majors can learn stage production with the Saint John Theatre Company.
  • Students in our Politics major work on community issues and even make policy recommendations to city council.
  • BA/BEd students participate in a service-learning experiential course in a local elementary school environment.

Pushing the boundaries of an Arts degree

The Faculty of Arts at UNB Saint John offers interdisciplinary studies programs such as Communication Studies, Comparative Literature and Criminal Justice Studies that build bridges between traditional disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, history, sociology and economics.

We’ve worked with other faculties to create Arts degrees in non-traditional areas such as biology, mathematics and statistics. Students can round out their education with minors in business, health sciences, information technology and others.

Students can earn an honours, major, double major and minor in more than 20 subjects.



Earn an education degree at the same time

Graduate with the credentials to become a licensed elementary school teacher. Students can earn a Bachelor of Education (BA/BEd) concurrently with their Arts degree.

Making the most of your degree

A Bachelor of Arts degree gives you the keys to our ever-changing world. This is a degree that encourages you to think critically and creatively about the problems we face both here in New Brunswick and around the world.

From day one, our faculty members and academic advisors work with students to identify courses and programs that will lead students towards their career goals.

The size of our programs often mean undergraduate students can get jobs as teaching or research assistants that wouldn’t be available in larger institutions.