International Development Studies Minor

The University of New Brunswick at Saint John offers a double major in International Studies. This interdisciplinary program permits students to combine studies in Language, Culture, Politics, Economics, History, and Literature and offers a comprehensive introduction to global and regional developments.

Program of Study
The Minor consists of 24 ch. A grade of C or better must be attained in all required and elective courses. NOTE: None of the courses taken for this Minor may be counted towards the requirements for another Minor or Major.

The following 9 ch of courses are required:

POLS 1601 Introduction to International Politics (6 ch)
ECON 3531 Introduction to International Development
(NOTE: ECON 1013 and ECON 1023 are prerequisites.) (3 ch)

A further 15 ch of elective courses selected from the following:
HIST 2000 World History (6 ch)
HIST 3025 Econ Development of Pre-Industrial Europe (3 ch)
HIST 3035 Industrialization of Europe (3 ch)
POLS 3303 Politics of the Developing World (3 ch)
POLS 3622 International Organization and Law (3 ch)
POLS 3631 Survey of Global Issues (3 ch)
ECON 3542 Topics in International Development (3 ch)
ECON 3755 Environmental and Resource Economics (3 ch)
ECON 3702 Cost-Benefit Analysis (3 ch)
BA 4193 International & Comparative Management (3 ch)
BA 4858 International Human Resources Management (3 ch)
SOCI 3523 Sociology of Third World Development (3 ch)