Academic Bike Challenge | UNB

Academic Bike Challenge (ABC)

In October 2021, UNB Sustainability hosted the Academic Bike Challenge (ABC) as part of our Sustainability Month, to encourage staff, faculty and, students to cycle more in their daily lives. 
Thank you to all of the participants who put in some great work, UNB cycled a total of 3,983 kms!

ABC is a free event hosted by the German Münster University of Applied Science in partnership with the global bicycle App "Naviki". 


All staff, faculty and, students of UNB can participate from either campus. Participants are encouraged to create teams and compete against others! 


To participate in the ABC, participants simply record their everyday bike trips with the free Naviki app to track their kilometers. 

Join the ABC

Ride with us! Join the Academic Bike Challenge by:

  1. Downloading the Naviki app and registering
  2.  In the app, navigate to More → Contests → ABC 2021 → I'm Participating
  3. Create or join a team.
  4. Cycle and record your trips in the app


The ABC runs for the entire month of October. 


Participants are free to cycle wherever and whenever they wish. This is not restricted to campus related activities, and you can include leisure rides. 

UNB Bike Resources

While leisure cycling is encouraged during the ABC, biking to campus is also something to strive for. UNB Sustainability offers you resources to encourage you to cycle to campus including:

  • Bike Racks: You can park your bike on one of 29 bike racks located on UNB's Fredericton Campus. Find the one most convenient for you using our Sustainability Map and lock your bike. 


UNB Sustainability will award the top 3 participants by kilometers biked each with a 75$ gift card to a local bike shop! 


By Joining the contest, participants accept the Naviki Terms of Use, which will be immediately accessible from the Naviki app. The Naviki's Terms of Use are in line with the strict European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A specific section of the Naviki Terms of Use relates to the ABC. Users will not be able to see trips recorded by other participants if these have been declared as "private" by their creator. Participants can easily switch their individual routes from "public" to "private". Users do not have to provide their real names but a nickname, which will be visible publicly.