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Student Sustainability Fund

UNB Student Sustainability Fund

The Student Sustainability Fund (SSF) provides students with hands on learning and experience in a fast growing sector. The projects carried out by students and their partners will help cultivate a culture of sustainability on campus and provide students the opportunity to make a meaningful impact at their university.

UNB Student Union (UNBSU) and UNB Sustainability have partnered to create the Student Sustainability Fund for the UNB Fredericton campus. In 2019 the UNB student body voted for an increase of $1.00 per semester to the UNB Student Union fee, to go into a SSF for students seeking to improve the culture of sustainability on campus. 

SSF Project Possibilities

SFF project ideas

Examples of projects

These are initiatives that would significantly improve campus sustainability, but that most often get overlooked due to lack of resources or manpower. This fund gives students an opportunity to do something meaningful that will also be a great learning experience (and resume builder).  Some project examples are:

  • Sustainable Residence Move-Out
  • Aboriginal Sustainability
  • Zero/low-waste projects
  • Engagement or awareness campaigns

What kinds of projects could be funded?

Project should relate to one or more of the main sustainability areas that UNB is striving towards, or the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.  Suggestions for these sustainability areas:

  • Grounds
  • Sustainable Food
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste management

Applying for the SSF

student sustainability fund

Who can apply for the fund?

Individual undergraduate students can apply for funding below $500 with the endorsement of a UNB faculty or staff member. Groups of students seeking to apply for projects funding will need to be in a ratified UNBSU Club or Society OR have the endorsement of a UNB faculty or staff member.

Application Process

In order to streamline the fund’s management within the UNBSU, applications will be forwarded by proponents to the UNBSU Finance Committee. 

The Finance Committee will receive applications for projects and assess their viability, providing feedback within two weeks of their meeting.  There are two application forms; one for projects under $500 and one for projects over $500. 

Applications for projects up to $500 will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the school year and approved or declined by the Finance Committee.  Applications for projects over $500 have two deadlines for submission to the UNBSU Finance Committee during the academic year: November 15th and January 31th.

All applications over $1,000 or that require modifications to campus infrastructure will be subject to further levels of screening. 

Visit the UNB Student Union website for more information or to APPLY NOW!