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Sustainability in Academics

Courses to take within your Academic Program

UNB has several courses related to sustainability. Take a look at the sustainability-related courses available at UNB Fredericton to further your education in this field.

UNB Sustainability is currently conducting an audit of courses available at UNB Saint John, to provide this information to both campuses.

In time, UNB Sustainability hopes to establish pathways for additional certifications and potentially even a minor in Sustainability.

Courses to take within your Academic Program

Society is facing a climate emergency, ecosystem destruction, global urban migration, pandemics, mental health, and economic change driven by new technologies. These challenges are complex and interconnected, and require urgent action at local, regional and global scales.

Campus as a Learning Lab (CaLL) responds to such challenges by integrating academic research and teaching with campus planning, infrastructure, operations and community development. We are able to use the university campuses as a sandbox, exploring opportunities to test new ideas on ourselves.

Currently, UNB Sustainability is working with the Office of Experiental Education to assess what CaLL courses already exist at UNB and how we can look towards developing more.

Additional to your Academic Program

Broaden your formal university learning with the UNB Co-Curricular Program! This program allows you to showcase your university life experiences, such as volunteering at a local environmental organization, determining your carbon footprint, attending a workshop, taking an art class, tutoring a classmate, and so much more.