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About UNB Sustainability

UNB sustainability
UNB Sustainability is a program that supports UNB in advancing as a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable institution.

UNB Sustainability works on various projects, with many internal and external partners, to improve the sustainability of the UNB Fredericton and Saint John campuses. We work with students, staff and faculty to increase the sustainability of university academics, engagement, operations, planning and administration.

Our goal is to promote sustainable-action and green living at UNB.

UNB’s view on sustainability

UNB understands and accepts the responsibility, as an institution of educators, researchers and community members, to support the advancement of sustainability locally and globally.

By definition sustainability is meeting the world’s current needs, without hindering future generations from meeting their needs.

UNB views sustainability as a simultaneous pursuit to achieve economic prosperity, environmental stewardship and social equality. Check out our Green Review post What is Sustainability? to learn more.

sustainability diagram

UNB Sustainability Program

The UNB Sustainability program was created in 2014, and is a part of the Energy Management unit, within Campus Operations. 

When the Sustainability program was established a Sustainability Coordinator was hired to develope and carry out programming. Since the commencement of UNB Sustainability more staff members have been added to the team, to support sustainability initiative at UNB.