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Bike to campus

Make sure you check out the Academic Bike Challenge!

Whether you are a students, staff or faculty, UNB encourages you to use active transportation for your commute to campus.  Biking to campus is a great way for the UNB community to live sustainability. When you arrive to campus, park your bike at one of the 29 bike racks locations on UNB Fredericton. 

Why bike to campus?

There are so many reasons to commute to campus by bike:

Reduce your carbon footprint

Cycling to campus avoids the carbon which would be produced from your vehicle burning fuel during your commute. You help fight climate change and contribute to a healthier environment by reducing your carbon emissions.

Burn calories instead of gasoline

Improve your physical health by cycle commuting. Choosing to bike means commuting to campus while you get your daily exercise. Give yourself a positive start to your day and keep your body healthy too.

Ride for your mental health

Spending time outdoors in the fresh air improves your mental wellbeing. Put your mind at ease and take a break from technology.

Save your money and the environment

Biking to campus instead of driving reduces your fuel costs to zero dollars. You will also reduce car maintenance costs and other vehicle-related expenses. The campus bike racks are free and easily accessible everywhere on campus.

Time well managed, time well invested

Biking to work allows you to avoid rush hour traffic. Exercise, save money and get fresh air all at the same time.

Have fun

Did you enjoy biking as a kid? Biking is just as fun as an adult!