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Giving to UNB

Currie Scholars Award

Currie Scholars gathered at the 2018 dinner with Dr. Currie

Being a Currie Scholar isn't just about receiving financial support toward your education. It's about having the opportunity to realize your dreams and potential - something many students might not be able to do without support. And it's also about building a network of young leaders.

Each year, UNB's Chancellor, Richard J. Currie, brings together the new Currie Scholars with those of the past to connect this group of bright minds for the rest of their lives. He also takes great care to connect with each student personally.

"It's important to me that the students see the person putting the money behind them is genuinely interested in how they are making out and what they want to be," commented Dr. Currie.

Deeply connected

Indeed, the students feel deeply connected to their benefactor.

Sean Hayman, a PhD candidate in civil engineering and Currie Scholar said, "I met Dr. Currie eight or nine times and every time he sees me he knows my name and he'll never forget a name. He's an amazing person. He's put me above and beyond where I ever thought I'd be."

The Currie Scholars gather each fall for a private dinner with Dr. Currie and catch up on each other's accomplishments. Students and alumni have the opportunity to gain great insight and knowledge from a celebrated Canadian business leader and philanthropist.

Paying it forward

Receiving a scholarship that pays your way to university is no small thing and Currie Scholars find it inspiring.

Ryan Brideau, a Currie Scholar from Miramichi, New Brunswick, said, "I've always wondered, 'What can I possibly do to repay this man?' and I realize that the best I can do is to try to do the same in the future."

The Currie Scholarships create a domino effect as alumni "pay it forward" in honour of Richard J. Currie. In fact, scholars witness this even before they are selected. Each Spring, past scholars meet with the current year's finalists at a private dinner to offer them advice and encouragement before they're even selected. The role that past scholars play and the value of the network is immeasurable.

Currie Scholars past and present

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