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2017 Currie Scholars

2017 Currie Scholars

In October, UNB Chancellor Emeritus Richard J. Currie, O.C., O.N.B., was joined at the annual Currie Scholars dinner by current and former Currie Undergraduate Scholarship recipients, members of the selection committee and special guests.

Front row: Luke Walker (2015*), Barry Riordon (2016), Beth Watt (BPE'93), Hannah Wood (2016), Morgan Meade (2017), Richard J. Currie (Class of '60, LLD'87), Miles Goff (2006) and Tyler Adams (2016).

Middle row: Katie Wallace (2011), Emma Collings (2016), Brittany Landry (2016), Emma MacDonald (2014), Kate MacDonald (2013), Mansa Agbaku (2015) and Canon James Golding (Class of '66).

Back row: Jordie Taylor (2012), Holly Sampson (2005), Brendan Wood (2004), Jonathan O'Kane (2006), Kaley Fitzpatrick (2014), Corinne Trottier (2015), Tayler Milbury (2017), Lauren Henderson (2008), Madelyn Doucette (2017), Colin Brown (2017), Jack Campbell (2014) and Nick McCullum (2014).

(* scholarship year)