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2021-22 Beaverbrook Scholars Executive Committee

 Beaverbrook Scholars Executive Committee and Policies

Chair: Jamie Petrie (BBA 1990, LLB 1994)
Vice-chair: Blair Kennedy (BSE ME 1971)
Secretary: Laura Richard (BSc 2006)
Past chair: Jon Thompson (BSc 1964)

At-large members:

Maria Barrett-Morris (BA 2002)
Katie FitzRandolph (BA 1963)
Larry Guitard (BA 1975, LLB 1977)
Charles Haché (BSc 2009, JD 2014)
Pauline Lordon (BA 1989, BEd 1990, MEd 2007)
Rod Nolan (BSE.EE 1957, MSE.EE 1963, DSc 2004)
Alexa Pelletier (student representative)
Natalie Webber (BCS 1997, MCS 2003)
Frank Wilson (BSE.CE 1962, MSE.CE 1963)


Policies and procedures


2022 Beaverbrook Scholars Dinner and Annual Meeting

Please watch for updates on our 2022 Beaverbrook Scholars AGM and Dinner.