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Group fitness

Virtual group fitness is now available as part of URec's new Health & Wellness at Home program!

Drop-in classes for everyone

URec’s fun and energetic group fitness classes are suitable for all fitness levels — from beginner to advanced! All classes are led by URec’s enthusiastic instructors

Group fitness classes are free for students and base & combined members. Participate in as many classes as you would like at no extra charge! 

No pre-registration required

Classes are offered year-round and are available on a drop-in basis. Class offerings may vary and change seasonally. 

Prepare for your class by reading our tips for a great group fitness class and/or tips for a great indoor cycling class.

Our group fitness classes

Bootcamp | Cardio & CoreCardio SculptCentrefit+ (Pilates) | Cycling Express | Deep Water Aqua Express | "Everything but the kitchen sink!Flex, Flow & Meditation (Yoga) | Group Rx RIPHIIT | Indoor Cycling | Mat Blast Express (Pilates) | Muscle MixPolar HRSimple Stretch | Step | Strength & Mobility | WOW (Workout of the Week) | Yoga for the Outdoor Enthusiasts |  Zumba®


This effective circuit will help take your strength and fitness to the next level while utilizing a diverse selection of equipment and cardio drills. The coach makes recommendations to modify and customize the exercises at each station, so you can work on your technique and further develop your strength level.

BYOG Bootcamp (Be Your Own Gym!)

Interested in a fun and challenging workout to add to your day? Try our TRX Bootcamp class! This is a dynamic program that combines the benefits of both cardio and body weight resistance training for maximum calorie burn and a true total body workout.

Let your body be "its own gym" by incorporating TRX Suspension Training and using your own body weight as resistance to improve your stamina, strength, core stability and more.

Cardio & Core

Train your heart and your mind in this cardio-based class through both choreographed and interval-based movements for all levels. We've also added circuits of core training for the ultimate workout. Bring your water bottle and sneakers for this jam-packed session!

Cardio Sculpt

This class will add variety and spice to your workout with a combination of cardiovascular and muscle conditioning exercises that change each week.

Centrefit+ (Pilates)

CentreFit+ is a floor based Pilates inspired workout using your own body as resistance to continually challenge and engage your core. Each class will help develop a strong and stable core while promoting flexibility, mobility and a touch of HIIT cardiovascular challenges. 

Cycling Express

Trying to squeeze in an intense cycling workout during your lunch hour? Hop on a stationary bike and cycle your way to fitness with this 40-minute class.

Deep Water Aqua Express

This is a zero impact, total body workout that offers a blend of cardiovascular and muscular training with specific attention to core stabilization. Flotation belts are used.

"Everything but the kitchen sink!"

No equipment? No problem! In this class we will use everyday household items most commonly found around the house. Join Amanda, with guest appearances from her many pets, for this full body, pilates-inspired functional workout! Household item suggestions include: Couches, chairs, coffee tables, heavy jugs (water, detergent etc.), two tea towels or small towels, soup cans or reusable bags.

Flex, Flow & Meditation (Yoga)

A rejuvenating class focused on the exploration of mindful movement through breath and creative sequences of heart openers, balance poses, and twists. This class will incorporate both yoga and meditation.

Group Rx RIP

RIP is an exciting barbell program for participants of all ages and fitness levels. Work your entire body in this amazing muscular strength and endurance workout.


This is a fun and upbeat class that combines high intensity interval training with both cardio and strength-based movements.

Indoor Cycling

Join us as we take you on a ride that will leave you feeling great! Our indoor cycling classes are geared for anyone from the outdoor enthusiast to those new to cycling.

Mat Blast Express (Pilates)

In this 40-minute mat class we will target the core including the abdomen, low
back and hips. Join in, work hard and have a blast!

Muscle Mix

Challenge every muscle in your body! This high-energy class will use a variety of resistance equipment and help you achieve an awesome strength and endurance workout.

Polar HR

A heart rate monitor is a device that is used in many fitness settings to measure the heart rate. Our indoor cycling bikes have the technology to connect with the Polar Heart rate monitor that URec will provide to you to wear for the duration of the class. View your heart rate, adjust your workout intensity and see your heart respond during various drills including both the warm up and cool down. We encourage participants to come to class a few minutes early to get a HR monitor.

Simple Stretch (Yoga)

An ongoing and evolving practice utilizing props and a blend of restorative postures, suitable for just about anyone.


Join us for a fun-filled class consisting of choreographed moves for the step. This is a great cardiovascular workout! Suitable for all.

Strength & Mobility

Enjoy this class consisting of strength training and mobility work. The strength portion can be done with body weight or simple household items such as soup cans. Bring you hand weights if you have them! The mobility portion will focus specifically on the ankles, hips, spine and shoulders.

WOW (Workout of the Week)

This class changes styles each week to offer varied, dynamic, full body workouts. Each class will vary in exercises, equipment and instructors to keep you challenged. All workouts will include cardio, strength training, agility and flexibility. Come check out our WOW!

Yoga for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Do you enjoy being active outdoors? Whether it is gardening or other activities like hiking or swimming, it is still important to care for your body. This class will provide an opportunity to release to the low back and hips, and tension in the shoulders and neck.


Join the party in this 50 or 60 minute cardio dance class that incorporates various Latin dances such as salsa, merengue, and samba.