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Undergraduate information

Undergraduate programs in physics

The Department of Physics offers undergraduate Honours and Majors degrees in both Physics and Applied Physics. The latter program includes several courses in Engineering and in Computer Science.   

A variety of interdepartmental programs are offered jointly by Physics and other Departments in the Faculty of Science: Biology-Physics, Chemistry-Physics, Earth Sciences-Physics and Mathematics-Physics all allow the study of physics to be combined with another discipline. 

Physics also offers programs in cooperation with other Faculties. Physics can be combined with an Arts degree in either the Bachelor of Arts & Science (four-year) degree or in the five-year concurrent Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degree program. The concurrent Bachelor of Computer Science/Bachelor of Science degrees often naturally incorporate Physics. 

If Physics is a strong interest for you, it is possible to combine any twenty-four credit hours of UNB Physics courses (including first-year Physics courses) into a Physics Minor to enrich another degree. It is also possible to combine Physics with another science as part of the General Science degree. 

Undergraduate student opportunities


Several scholarships are available specifically for physics students, whether high school students entering university or current undergraduate students. A number of physics scholarships and awards have been generously endowed by former students, staff and faculty of the Physics Department.

Student research

Each summer (and sometimes during the term) Physics faculty hire undergraduate students to participate in their research. The Department encourages physics students to contact faculty whose research intrigues them. Some agencies offer awards to students for such research placements; the Department can assist with the application process. Examples of active research areas in the Department can be accessed  here.