Applying to UNB

UNB has many different options for Canadian and international students at all stages of their academic journey.

Undergraduate studies

High school and transfer students

If you’re considering a bachelor’s degree or a certificate program, you can apply directly from high school. If you have already completed post-secondary education at another university or college, you can apply to transfer to UNB to complete your degree.

Graduate studies

If you have completed your first degree and are interested in continuing your studies at the masters or doctoral (PhD) level, UNB offers a variety of programs across more than 30 departments and faculties.

Law students

If you have completed a first degree or previous university study, UNB offers a JD (Juris Doctor) and MBA/JD program.

Exchange students

Continue your academic journey in the friendliest region of one of the world's greatest countries. If your home institution partners with UNB, or you are nominated and acceptedby UNB, you can apply to study at UNB as an exchange student.