Admission and scholarship average

Admission average

UNB uses admission averages to evaluate high school students for admission to the university.

The admission average used by UNB is the overall average of the high school grades achieved in the courses required for admission to your selected program of study.

Admission requirements

For those students who are taking required courses in the second semester of high school, and the grades for which are not available at the time of application, the prerequisite course (usually grade 11) will be used to make a grade estimate for the grade 12 course required for admission to your selected program of study. Please note that UNB does not accept 'mid-term' grades.

Electives are other courses that may be used toward your admission average. In the event that you have multiple elective courses that UNB considers acceptable and appropriate for the degree to which you are applying, UNB will choose the elective courses with the highest grades to consider toward your admission average.

Scholarship average

UNB calculates a scholarship average* which is the admissions average, plus bonus points for completed enriched** grade 11 and 12 courses. Bonus points are added directly to the scholarship average, as long as a mark of 75% or higher is achieved in the enriched course.

  • One bonus point for 1 to 3 enriched courses
  • A maximum of two bonus points for 4 to 6 enriched courses
  • A maximum of three bonus points for 7 to 9 enriched courses
  • A maximum of four bonus points for 10 or more enriched courses
* The scholarship average is not rounded. In other words, a 79.9% average does not become an 80%.
** Enriched courses are those that have been identified as such by your province, e.g. IB, AP and Level 1 courses.