Full-time Faculty

Branimir Ćaćić Noncommutative differential geometry contact
H E A (Eddy) Campbell (UNB president) Invariant theory, commutative algebra, algebraic geometry contact
Mohammad El Smaily Partial differential equations, nonlinear analysis, population and fluid dynamics contact
M Tariq Hasan (director of grad studies) Random effect models, correlated data with excessive zeroes contact
Viqar Husain  General relativity, quantum gravity contact
Dan Kucerovsky Operator theory, geometric functional analysis contact
Renjun Ma Generalized linear models, longitudinal & spatial data analysis contact
Jeffrey D Picka (stats/actuarial undergrad advisor) Spatial statistics, philosophy of science and inference contact
Caroline Purdy (MLC coordinator) Math education, numerical analysis contact
Bahram Rangipour Noncommutative geometry contact
Patrick Reynolds (math undergrad advisor) Math education, geometry, partial differential equations contact
Mahin Salmani (math minor advisor) Hierarchical linear models, mathematical biology contact
Alyssa Sankey (associate chairperson) Association schemes, designs and codes contact
Sanjeev Seahra (director AARMS) General relativity, cosmology, quantum gravity  contact
Vladimir Tasić (department chairperson) Group theory, Lie algebras and Lie rings contact
Nicholas Touikan Geometric group theory contact
Lin Wang Mathematical biology, applied dynamical systems contact
James Watmough
Mathematical biology, mathematical ecology contact
Edward Wilson-Ewing Quantum gravity and cosmology contact
Guohua Yan  Cluster analysis, mixture models, random effects models contact

Professors Emeriti

Barry Monson (Honorary Research Professor) Polytopes, discrete and classical geometry contact
Gordon Mason Ring theory contact
Jon Thompson Differential equations contact
Brian Tupper General relativity, cosmology contact

Retired Faculty

David Barclay Wave propagation
Jack D Gegenberg (Honorary Research Professor) General relativity, quantum field theory
William Knight Statistics
R J McKellar Relativity, differential geometry
Roman Mureika Characteristic functions, information, sampling theory
Nora Ni Chuiv Operations research, reliability
R D Small Non-linear approximations, numerical analysis
Daryl Tingley Functional analysis, geometry
Maureen Tingley Robust statistics, information
T Rolf Turner Spatial point processes, hidden Markov models, statistical computing

Cross-Appointed and Adjunct Faculty

David Bremner Cross-appointed with Computer Science Geometric aspects of optimization
Colin Ingalls Adjunct professor Noncommutative algebra, algebraic geometry
Hugh Thomas Adjunct professor Algebraic combinatorics, algebraic geometry
John Grant McLoughlin Cross-appointed with Education Math education

Part-Time Faculty and Stipend Instructors

Marco de Cesare (Winter 2019) contact
Syeda Husain (Fall 2018/Winter 2019) contact
Robert Krausz (UNB Online) contact
Kurt Schmidt (Winter 2019) contact

Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Scientists

Jianjun Chuai Research scientist Invariant theory of finite groups contact
Marco de Cesare Postdoctoral fellow Gravity group contact
Suzanne Lanery Postdoctoral fellow Gravity group contact
Suprit Singh Postdoctoral fellow Gravity group contact

Administrative Staff

Marilyn Hetherington Administrative assistant contact
Cindy Thomas Administrative, level 1 support (ITS), outreach/Math Learning Centre facilitation contact

Graduate Students

Current graduate students