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Faculty of Science
UNB Fredericton

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Contact Biology

For official inquiries regarding departmental operations

Chair of Biology Dion
Administrative Assistant/Office Manager Jenn Meade


Questions about graduate programs

Director of Graduate Studies Shawn MacLellan,


Questions about undergraduate programs

Director of Undergraduate Studies Katherine Barclay


Undergraduate advising

Biology Academic Advisors

Advisor Student surname
Katherine Barclay A - Di
Charles Sacobie Do - Go
Jason Addison Gr - K
Steve Peake L - Q
Rene Malenfant R - Z


Biol-Chem Academic Advisors

Advisor Student surname
Katherine Barclay PHP: A - D
Kelly Miles PHP: Do - Go
Charles Sacobie PHP: Gr - K
Yang Qu PHP: L - T
Ghislain Deslongchamp PHP: T - Z
Ghislain Deslongchamp Comprehensive: A - Z

*PHP = pre-health profession

Main office

Loring Bailey Hall
Room 29
10 Bailey Drive
Fredericton, NB
E3B 5A3

Phone: 506-453-4583