Katherine Barclay

Senior Teaching Associate


Bailey Hall 131


1 506 452 6089

Academic interests

Control of myocardial blood flow and the effects on the circulatory system of changes in cardiovascular properties through disease or drugs.

Courses taught

  • BIOL 1782/2792 – Human Physiology I - Systems
  • BIOL 2721/2761 – Human Physiology II - Metabolism
  • BIOL 2501 – Human Pathophysiology I
  • BIOL 2513 – Human Pathophysiology II

Selected research

Barclay KD, Klassen GA and Young C. 2000. Characterization of the Canine Myocardial Microcirculatory Red Cell Flux by Chaos Analysis. Microcirculation (in press).

Klassen GA and Barclay KD. 2000. Coronary Blood Flow Regulation in Health and Disease. In: Bitter EE, Bitter N, editors. Principles of Medical Biology. Stanford, CT: JAI Press Inc. (in press)

Falk M, Chew W, Walter JA, Kwiatkowski W, Barclay KD and Klassen GA. 1998. Molecular Modelling and NMR Studies of the Caffeine Dimer. Can J Chem 76:48-56.