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Renaissance College
UNB Fredericton

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About Renaissance College

Founded in 2000, Renaissance College is UNB’s School of Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies and the first initiative of its kind in Canada. It remains at the forefront of leadership education in the country.

We combine innovative teaching methods, rigorous academic content and experiential learning opportunities in small classes that together create a unique educational experience.

What makes us unique

It’s not just the small classes or the internships that make Renaissance College special. It’s not just the students it attracts or the dedicated faculty and staff it employs. It’s not just the way students learn or even where they learn. It’s how all these elements come together to provide a learning environment that gets results.

Renaissance College is an interdisciplinary leadership studies program, dedicated to enriching people’s capability for understanding and demonstrating leadership. Students grow as problem solvers and citizens, transforming into leaders who really care about our world, while deepening their knowledge of self and others. 

Why we're called Renaissance College

When we think of Renaissance we often think of Leonardo da Vinci. He was considered by many to be the Renaissance ideal because of his vast array of knowledge and mastery of many roles: inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, writer, painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician and engineer all in one! Renaissance College embraces this interdisciplinary mindset, where students’ learning is fostered in a variety of subject areas.

The word college captures the importance of our tight-knit learning community in our students' education and experience. Renaissance College embraces the idea of community in both our learning atmosphere and in student interactions with the greater community that form an integral part of the B Phil curriculum.

Anticipate, adapt and drive change

Our programs are the right fit for ethical, civic-minded individuals who are prepared and willing to assume the responsibilities of leadership.

We strive to help you become a lifelong learner and leader in whatever field you choose.

Our programs create opportunities and help you reach your personal and professional goals by:

  • thinking critically
  • communicating effectively
  • working cooperatively
  • problem-solving creatively
  • reasoning ethically
  • participating effectively

You will have the attention and mentoring to succeed with our small class sizes, engaged faculty and strong community connections.

After you graduate

Graduates of Renaissance College lead with imagination and courage, addressing issues and building capacity into the communities they call home. They speak and write with confidence and openness. They have an insatiable appetite for learning and are motivated to learn more about community, citizenship, and service to both.

Our aim is to help our students become leaders in whatever careers or endeavours they choose. As a result, our graduates are successfully engaged in a wide range of careers. The BPhil degree prepares students for future study in a variety of fields, including:

  • law
  • medicine
  • education
  • business
  • politics
  • social work

Most importantly, our graduates are ready and eager to make a positive difference in their community and workplace.

What our graduates do

Brittany Barron

Brittany Barron graduated from Renaissance College in 2014. It was at RC where Brittany realized that she has a strong desire to help others. During her time at RC, Brittany worked closely with Dots NB and traveled to Burkina Faso, where she volunteered in a clinic, a daycare, and a local school.

After graduating from RC, Brittany was accepted into the Dalhousie Physiotherapy program, where she graduated with her Masters of Science in Physiotherapy in 2016. Since graduating from Dalhousie University, Brittany has been working as a Physiotherapist (PT) in Newfoundland and Labrador and has spent time working in New Brunswick.

Brittany is a firm believer in the importance of lifelong learning and has been partaking in continuing education courses. Most recently, Brittany completed her 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training. Her goal is to integrate both practices into a holistic care approach in her hometown of Wabush, NL. Brittany would like to thank RC for igniting the flame of desire for life-long learning, travel, and exploration of self.

During Travis' time at Renaissance College, he sought to embrace leadership skills and opportunities in becoming the first student from the faculty to be elected President of the UNB Student Union and Chair of the New Brunswick Student Alliance. Following his graduation in 2017 Travis worked with the New Brunswick Child, Youth, and Senior Advocates' Office.

In his role as Communications Coordinator, Travis helped create the foundation for the NB Senior Advocates' Office. He has since returned to the UNB community as a Recruitment Officer working primarily out of Ontario.

In her final year at RC (2013-2014), Andie competed in and ultimately won the Wallace McCain Institute's "Out Top Talent" competition. This success provided the opportunity to work with two of New Brunswick's leading, full-service marketing agencies - Revolution Strategy and Ginger Design.

During this time, she had the privilege to work with some of the top companies in New Brunswick. From developing integrated social and digital campaigns to crafting creative communications strategies – Andie has been lucky to share a boardroom with some of the best people that call New Brunswick home.

After four years of agency work, Andie switched gears landing a role as the Marketing Manager for the New Brunswick Medical Society, developing and implementing health advocacy campaigns across New Brunswick.

Andie credits her time at Renaissance College for helping her build the critical skills and friendships that led and supported her in the foundational years of her career. Now, after working throughout the province for the past six years, Andie will be returning to UNB in the fall to pursue her Master's of Business Administration.

Marie Olson graduated from Renaissance College in 2018 with a BPhil and a minor in Sociology. Since graduation Marie worked with the New Brunswick Association for Community Living supporting adults with intellectual disabilities to live independently and apply for and receive funding for supports.

Recently, Marie took on a new role as the Experiential Learning Coordinator for the NB Anglophone West School District. The experiences and learning opportunities at Renaissance College provided Marie with the foundation to keep learning, look at social problems with a variety of perspectives and understand the importance of working collaboratively with others.

Sarah Rouse graduated from Renaissance College in 2015 with a Bachelor of Philosophy and a minor in public policy. It was during her time at RC that Sarah developed a keen interest in legal issues, and particularly those affecting disadvantaged populations.

She obtained her Juris Doctor at the University of New Brunswick in June 2018, during which she completed internships with the Office of the Child & Youth Advocate and the New Brunswick Legal Aid Services Commission. Since being called to the NB Bar, Sarah has provided legal services to many low-income litigants in the criminal and family law sector through Legal Aid.

She presently works at Canty Lutz Delaquis Grant in Saint John, New Brunswick, where she practices family law and insurance defence. Outside of work, Sarah serves as an advocate for women and children as a Director at the local transition house, Hestia House. Sarah strongly believes Renaissance College’s interdisciplinary learning style provided her with the problem-solving skills and empathy required to succeed in the legal field.

Mathieu Wong graduated from Renaissance College in 2015 with a minor in Biology and did his international internship in Haiti. He still maintains strong connections to Haito by acting as a board member of the charity group Helping Hands Noramise, a Haitian-based organization he worked with during the internship. He also returned to the country to conduct cultural health research.

During his time at RC, he developed a keen interest in healthcare topics. Afterward, he completed a Master's degree in Medical Humanities at the University of Rochester's school of medicine and bioethics. There he conducted small studies focused on Mennonite end-of-life decision-making practices.

Mathieu is now home in Toronto, working as a COVID screener at Sunnybrook hospital. "RC showed me how to carefully listen to what others had to say and interpret that to create meaningful change. That is what I aim to do in the medical profession, specifically to reach out to groups that don't follow what we consider to be 'normative' healthcare beliefs and to help them have a voice in their care. RC's interdisciplinary curriculum also exposed me to the complex topics that characterize medicine, further developing my interest in health humanities and bioethics."